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Meet Mariagna Preciado Gutierrez

Mariagna, personally experienced financial troubles and saw no way out.

Hola amigos, I’m Mari, also known as Mari the Debt Slayer, owner of Citrine Wealth Solutions. My financial journey started in 2018 at age 35. I was a financial mess, deep in credit card debt and developed unhealthy spending habits.   I decided enough was enough and transformed my finances. Learning about personal finance empowered me to transform my life and help others along the way. I’m passionate about seeing others succeed and change their lives. It’s time for you to secure the bag and build generational wealth! 

Are you ready to flip the script on your finances?

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We are on a mission starting a financial literacy movement in our comunidades. By equipping individuals and families with financial tools and education, we can secure a better and equitable future for all.


A world where money does not define one’s health and wellbeing.

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Are you ready to flip the script on your finances?

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